We create spaces to build the community we all want

By driving dialogue and fostering information access

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What we do


Primavera de Paz seeks to build an active community committed with mutual support.

We work as a network of inspiring and creative young professionals with expertise around sustainability, integration and peacebuilding.


Each semester we design the space to tackle one common problematic mentioned by the community.

Core of them: Integration; Sustainability and Environmental Protection; Universal Basic Income. 

The Community Project

We build projects tailored to the needs and priorities of the community. We use all of our resources to tackle the named problematic. Only with the community part of the project, we embed the actions to improve de named situation.

Designers, facilitators and trainings 

We count with interdisciplinary professional backgrounds from different cultural backgrounds. This ends in an explosion of creativity that allows to bring diverse methodologies and practices to foster innovation in the group with who we work.

Organanisation of Events with Social Impact

We design onsite and online events with purpose. Why? We count with an extended list of inspiring experts from different backgrounds (music, science, finance, visual arts ...) all of them ready to bring their voice at the center to impact and open the discussions.

Our Team

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The Designer


The Writer

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The Experimental


The Executer