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We connect people to inspire each other.

Polaris is a project that seeks to change the logic behind the typical interactions between migrants and locals. By creating new and dynamic spaces, we want to bring migrants and locals together as equals and leave behind any vertical relationship where the local feels terrible about the migrant situation and the migrant victimizes. At Polaris, we want to create a space that fosters friendship, companionship, equality, and social integration. 

Polaris uses innovative methodologies to bring people together and, at the same time, contribute to the integration of migrants into the cities where they reside. Through walks, the participants and our facilitators will share trust-building conversations and activities at strategically chosen spots around the city. We, as well, want to offer mentorship programs for migrants interested in getting to know all of the integration opportunities that their city offers. Our first trial will be in Bern, Switzerland

If you are a migrant with the intention of staying in the city, or if you are a local interested in social integration, then Polaris is the right place for you!

We need you to be an open person willing to make new friends and go on stimulating walks.

Image by Arek Adeoye

Calendar of Walks

Once a month we meet in the city of Bern to set a space to boost integration in the city .


February: Welcome Walk


March: Your Safe Space


April: Together towards the Bern we want 


May: Social Cohesion Workshop 

Certified workshop by Primavera de Paz & Co.


Further details about the hour and the location are send directly to the participants registered.

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