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If you are a migrant with the intention of staying in the city, or if you are a local interested in social integration, then Polaris is the right place for you!


We need you to be an open person willing to make new friends and go on stimulating walks.

If you :

  • Are Non-EU Citizen

  • Are Based in Bern Switzerland

  • Planning to stay in the long term in the country

  • Have clear objectives and perspectives about what is the next step that you need to take to achieve your goals.

  • Enjoy being out in the nature and have the interest of getting to know more about the city and the country. 

  • Are open, creative, motivated, and friendly character. 

  • Enjoy getting to know other people and cultures.

  • Speak English language level B2-C1.

You are a new resident


You are a Local

If you :

  • Were raised in Switzerland, based in Bern.

  • Are having interest on intercultural exchange, getting to know other perspectives of the world and mindsets. 

  • Have an open, creative, motivated, and friendly character (and if you know about Swiss structures even better!). 

  • Have a hands-on mentality, being open to help whenever possible.

  • Having an interest in the promotion of integration of foreigners in Switzerland. 

  • Having an interest in learning about social cohesion and mentoring. 

  • English language level B2-C1.

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