Yira Marcela Godoy

Yira Marcela Godoy is the founder and director at Primavera de Paz.

Yira is a Political Scientist with a minor in Peace Research and Conflict Resolution. She also holds a CAS in Civilian Peacebuilding from the University of Basel.

She has a valuable experience working with victims of enforced disappearances in Colombia in the field of transitional justice, dealing with the past and advocacy.

Yira is a Global Shaper at the WEF. As a young leader, she has been part of different initiatives on the support of gender equality, social justice and climate action in Switzerland.

Mrs. Godoy is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in General Management at the University of Neuchâtel.

Dorothy Sabet is a Political Scientist. She holds a double MAS in International relations and Human Rights. 

Previously, she worked as a Program Officer at the Immigration Policy Lab in Zürich, a public policy research institute at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). There she developed an expertise in assessing the integration of refugees and asylum seekers by analyzing the variations in their social and economic status in the cantons of Switzerland.

Earlier, as the Alternate Representative of the NGO Baha’i International Community (BIC) she contributed to the discourses taking place at the United Nations in Geneva concerning gender equality, sustainable development, migration and freedom of religion. She participated in many sessions of the Human Rights Council and reported on human rights violations on the ground, particularly in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Dorothy has volunteered in community-level service projects in Switzerland and is an active member of the Baha’i community. She also volunteered as a teacher and animator across Europe working on the empowerment of children and junior youth in vulnerable situations.

Esther Oester is an economist with a minor in Sociology.  She worked in different NGOs mainly in long-term development, after her first job with CFD she accomplished a MAS in development cooperation with a project assistance with www.swisstph.ch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In 1998, Esther was director of a NGO in Switzerland: Brücke – Le pont with projects in Latin America and Africa.


Previously, she worked for 2 years for Solidarmed in Tanzania at a time when the rollout of medication against HIV/AIDS was important. Esther worked for over 6 years as head of division at Swiss Red Cross, she was responsible for programs for up to 16 countries in Africa and Latin America. During this period, additional health questions became important like blood transfusion and health in fragile states. That led her to work with The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) as a human security adviser in South Sudan, a country quivered by civil war.


In 2015 she was director of cooperation in Afghanistan for Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Furthermore, she worked in an interim position at SDC as a desk officer for Central America.


Recently, she joined the foundation of the Non-Profit Organisation Primavera de Paz in 2018 with Yira Marcela Godoy.

María Carolina Jiménez holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Political Science. She has extensive experience in the field of human rights, in particular as associate expert and consultant for several mechanisms of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. Her academic experience includes teaching at university level in topics related to human rights, international organisations and democratic theory.


María Carolina is a PhD. candidate at the University of Geneva. The title of her PhD. thesis is “Building a Democratic Epistemology: a dialogue between agonism and deliberative democracy”. Her research lies at the intersection of several philosophical disciplines. It analyzes the ontological and epistemological approaches underlying deliberative democracy and agonism to fully understand how they influence the ways in which each model justifies democratic forms of government and addresses questions around legitimacy, rationality and truth in the framework of democratic politics.

Adam Khedrawy holds BA and Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies and Criminal Law of Damascus University, Syria. He also holds a postgraduate in Civilian Peacebuilding at the University of Basel.


Adam has professional experience as a layer at the Supreme State Security Courts and at the Anti-Terrorism Courts in Syria as well as a lecturer in human rights and international humanitarian law.  He is experienced in advising and litigating on behalf of Syrian, multinational and European companies and individuals in various mercantile disputes. He held different positions in law firms. He started as an assistant manager generating new client work and managing the legal work internally. As a consulting lawyer, he provided advise on courses of actions regarding lease, collecting debts and mortgages. In his role as a general manager he supervised human rights activities, law cases and the firms legal support team and coordinated new case assignments and legal support staff resources.



Oliver Wenczel is a political scientist with a Master’s in religion, Politics and Economics from the Center for Religion, Business and Politics (ZRWP) of the University of Lucerne. He has worked in Ecuador and Kenya in the Development and humanitarian aid. During his time in Kenya, he also analysed the conflict factors in the Northern region between all the involved actors and especially the tribes.


Subsequently, he initiated and managed research projects in Ecuador and Kenya in the field of democracy and peacebuilding. Besides his role as the Director of the Center for Education & Sustainability Foundation he also holds a mandate as a member of the School board in his town.

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