Primavera de Paz is a Swiss organization connecting people to inspire each other.

Our team is constantly researching, creating, designing and developing methodologies to spread peace actions and active leadership for the achieving of changes in the society.

If Primavera de Paz's commitment appeals to you, become a member and support us through active collaboration or donations.


*The membership fee is 20 francs a year. This gives you the right to vote at the general meeting and can influence the organization. The amount of this membership fee also allows people with low incomes to participate. Any additional gift of solidarity is welcome, especially in the development phase.


Primavera de Paz is looking for citizens interested to join our peacebuilder team. If you are willing to make a change, learn, became a leader and meet other leaders, this is is the place for you. 





A Swiss organisation working to open spaces where citizens can learn from each other and build sustainable, inspiring and creative initiatives.

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