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Nurturing Nature, Empowering People: Building Trust for a Sustainable Latin America!

Our Experts

The success of our mission is intricately tied to the unwavering dedication of extraordinary individuals within Primavera de Paz. Our diverse team, including scientists, biologists, journalists, artists, and policy makers, is driven by a shared commitment to environmental sustainability, social justice, and the principles of human rights. Their expertise and passion serve as catalysts for ambitious goals in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.

Recognizing the inextricable link between environmental conservation and human rights, Primavera de Paz stands at the forefront of advocating for equitable and just practices. Through the collective strength and expertise of our incredible team, we strive not only to achieve conservation victories but also to ensure the protection of human rights, fostering a resilient and equitable future for the diverse communities we serve in Latin America.

The experts affiliated with Primavera de Paz, as mentioned in this section, are currently unavailable to address program-related inquiries from individuals external to Primavera de Paz. We recommend exploring alternative sections of our website for the information you seek. For any inquiries related to membership, please reach out to us through our contact hotline.



Juan Sebastian Brizneda

Senior Researcher

(International Cooperation & Human Rights) 


Yira M. Godoy

Advocacy for Latin-American Development 

(Human Rights Advocacy;
Business & Environment Researcher

Javier Andrés Arango.PNG

Javier Andrés Arango 

Senior Analyst 

(International Relations & Geopolitics)


Maria Carolina Jimenez

Senior Researcher

(Human Rights; Democratic legitimacy of algorithmic decision-making)


Dorothy Sabet

Senior Researcher

(Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights)

JournalismMedia  & Arts

Energy Transition


Oswaldo Beltran

Scientific Journalist 


Pedro L. Espinosa

Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker


Gaëtan Kolly

Senior Expert in Energy Tranistion & Cybersecurity

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