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Who We Are

Founded in 2019, Primavera de Paz is a transformative NGO that emerged as a result of the shared passions and common interests of dynamic female leaders in the field of peacebuilding. Rooted in the conviction that sustainable development and lasting peace are intertwined, our organization is dedicated create a better future for the Latinoamerican Region by shaping the conversation, actions and resources for a regenerative future.

Our Origin:

Primavera de Paz was conceived as a response to the pressing need for collaborative and holistic solutions to the challenges faced by communities in Latin America. Our founders, a group of visionary female leaders, recognized the potential for positive change when women come together with a shared commitment to building peaceful and resilient societies. Harnessing their collective expertise, Primavera de Paz was born, grounded in the principles of inclusivity, empathy, and ethical leadership.

Guiding Progress, Fostering Responsibility

Our Values

Collaboration and Inclusivity:

We believe in the strength of collaboration and recognize that meaningful change comes when diverse voices come together. We actively seek and embrace the perspectives of communities, partners, and stakeholders to ensure inclusive and equitable solutions.

Meet our experts

The success of our mission is intricately tied to the unwavering dedication of extraordinary individuals within Primavera de Paz

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